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34 Clifton Place
Garden Level
Brooklyn, New York 11238
Phone: 718.398.2798

Gans studio's executed projects include industrial and graphic design, and architecture. Their continuing work on alternative forms of housing includes disaster relief housing for Kosovo, which won an international competition and a subsequent grant for development, a transitional housing system for Common Ground Community and a community based planning and design project for New Orleans East funded by HUD that will culminate in the construction of a model block. Their prototype for a Roll Out House was shown in the United States Pavilion of the Venice Biennial 2008.

Current projects are a master plan for The Graham School in Hastings-on-Hudson New York that includes new dormitories and campus dining facilities and a rose window for The Museum at Eldridge Street that is a collaboration with artist Kiki Smith.

They have completed a series of single family residences in Maine, Connecticut and New York State, and a variety of commercial projects, restaurants and apartments in New York. Commissioned by the School Construction Authority of New York, their patented workbox "next generation" school desk is included in the permanent collection of the New York Historical Society. Their design work has been widely published and exhibited at IFA Paris, RIBA London, The Rosenbach Museum Philadelphia, The Van Alen Institute, The Architectural League of New York and the Venice Biennial.

Deborah Gans (BA Harvard, M.Arch Princeton) is the Principal of Gans studio and a full professor in the Architecture School at Pratt Institute. She has also taught as visiting critic at Yale University. Deborah Gans is an editor of Bridging the Gap: Rethinking the Relation of Architecture and Engineering, which was honored by the AIA International Book Awards, of The Organic Approach and of Extreme sites: Greening the Brownfield. She is author of The Le Corbusier Guide, now in its third edition.

Selected Publications: Published Projects, Articles, Interviews 2010 “Below the Sill Plate”, Beyond Shelter,Aquilinao ed, Metropolis Books 2010 “Plum Orchard Mon Amour” New Orleans Under Reconstruction, Reese Sorkin eds, Verso 2010 “Stars are Born,” Architect’s Newspaper 2009 ‘Table under the Stars,” Architect’s Newspaper 2008 “Expanding Architecture”, Modern Painter, 11.08 2008 “Pushing Boundaries at the Venice Biennial, Int. Herald Tribune, 11.21.08 2008 “Rise of the Citizen Architect”, Metropolis, 10.08 2008 “Gimme Shelter”, Canadian Broadcasting Company News and Interview, 9.26.08 2008 “Humanitarian Design” commissioned project for Architectural Record, 10.08 2008 “Unbearable Lightness” in Expanding Architecture, Bryan Bell ed., 2006 “Pines Village Mon Amour”, Bauwelt 2006 “Extreme Housing”, Design Like You Give a Damn, Cameron Sinclair ed. Princeton Architectural Press, 2006 2006 “Weitzman Residence”, Home Magazine, August 2006 2004 Extreme Sites: Greening the Brownfield, with Claire Weisz, AD Journal, Wiley/Academy Editions, London, 3. 2004 2004 “Right Now: Extreme Housing”, Harvard Magazine 9.2004 2004 “City from Scratch”, Metropolis, 2.2004 2005 "Workbox",Interiors for Under Fives,Melissa Jones, Wiley/Academy 2003 “Workbox”,Casabella, 3.2003 2003 The Organic Approach, with Zehra Kuz, Wiley/Academy

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