This project provides identical 69 small apartments whose size and amenity are expanded through shared laundry, lounges, dining and recreational space spread throughout the building. The circulation is along a naturally lit corridor that ends in a lounge on each floor.  The placement of the fire stair at the center encourages residents to use it regularly on their way home or to the roof terrace. By utilizing a single, prototypical, “plug and play,” prefabricated module, the quality and value of benefits of factor production will be realized. Units are designed from simple field connections and the maximization of factor completion. The 300 square foot studio apartment has carefully designed zones to extend the real and perceived dimension of the space: an entry threshold of storage, a space for the kitchen and bathroom, a major living room and then a balcony. The roof terrace has a laundry, a desk and a large dining room and kitchen that can be reserved by the tenants.